Hello! I’m Xylia, Terato and monster artist from Thailand (GMT+7) I love to draw from cute wholesome romance to explore more adult themed of dark romance. Mostly featured lesbian/WLW content :DI specialized in drawing and design monster/robot/alien creature and
effeminate/feminine men also androgynous as well as handsome buff ladies <3

[Term of Service ]

Please note that I might change my terms of service sometimes so please review it every time you wish to commission me. [ Last T.O.S. edited 15/07/2023 ]

General T.O.S.– You can repost your artwork anywhere with the proper credit.– I have the right to decline your commission request if commission involved subject that I feel uncomfortable to draw.– I’m more than happy to correct my anatomy mistake or correct or add the details that I forgot to draw or draw it wrong as many times as it needed HOWEVER, if you already approve, or you constantly change the idea, detail, etc There will be free 3 times more than 3 times will cost additional fees. No major edit (such as changing pose) will be made after the sketch is already approved.– My works are only for personal use. No commercial use allowed included NFT or sell it as print/shirt etc This also applied to Adoptable and custom adopt and character design. (However personal use as printing t-shirt for yourself/make key chain etc then please feel free to!)– I may or may not post your commission in my gallery but if you wish me not to post it, or you wish to remain anonymous please let me know
– Commission request must be sent via Note or Private message or email me Equinoxtwin.art@proton.me at only.

Payment– I accept payment as USD $ currency via PayPal , Arty.ooo but if you pay using Buy me a coffee, Wise and Stripe you can get 5% discount from total price (Applied to all commission regardless of content. Can be stack with favourite discount)– Also due to many times in this year I keep getting commission cancelled leaving me with unstable financial I'm sorry to say that. Now ALL my commission order will now require 25% payment upfront to confirm queue. If you cancelled your commission for any other reason other than emergency case you will not get any refund. Unless I choose to cancel this commission myself. I'm more than happy to discuss refund if it's emergency case. When it's your queue I will ask for another 25% (so it will be 50%) or 75% (so it will be 100$ of total price) which you can choose what you want and then I will work on your commission. In case of 50% I will the rest of payment before continue with coloring and shading.– Refunds are not available after 2 days (GMT+7) when I received payment. Please do not send me the payment if you’re unsure about commissioning me, However, in rare cases, I’ll ask you for another idea for equally-worth commission/Character design if somehow I cannot finish what you request.

Character Design or Adoptable– You will receive High-resolution PNG/JPG files however you can request lineart and PSD file with no additional fee.– Adoptable that you paid for. You can gift, trade or resell them, but you can not resell them more than what you’ve paid for.
Unless that character has extra art, writing, voice acting or any additional material.
– Adoptable that you get for free or from raffle or request event you cannot sell them unless they have additional material such as extra art, writing, voice acting. However you can gift or trade them if you desire!– You must credit me for the designer of the character for the first time you repost your adoptable that you get from me.
After that credit isn’t necessary but appreciated
– You cannot make species out of adoptable that you got from me this including open, Semi-open or closed species. However, you can give them a story however you like.– As of 4 February 2021 Any design that come after this date will have new restriction to them. Which you CAN NOT change the ‘sex’ of any pre-made adopt design. Meaning if I state that design is female you can’t change her into male but however you can change her into FTM or transgender or intersex and so on. This rule do not apply to any Custom design aka design that you commission me to made specifically for you (both before and after 4 February 2021) and Premade design made before 4 February 2021. If you order custom design from me you’re free to change their sex later if you wish too!

[ Frequently asked questions (FAQ) ]

I will add more when it needed, Feel free to check them. [ Last F.A.Q. edited 5/01/2023 ]

Commission FAQQ: How do I know if you're open or not?
A: You can check it in my featured FA journal or check my Cryptpad. They're always up to date :)
Q: How long do I have to wait until my slot?
A: Depending on where you are at the queue now. I usually work on 4-5 commission per round. 1 round = 2 months deadline but I usually finish it within 1 month and a half but like you know. It's depending on many thing.
Q: When should I pay?
A: Unfortunately, Now you need to pay 25% upfront to confirm commission queues and I will ask for the rest when I'm ready to work on your commission.
Q: I lost interested in your commission/ I wait too long/ I don't have money now when I'm at your queue what do I do?
A: Either you postpone to next month or You will get your commission cancel and 25% desposit will not be refund. Do not ask me for commission if you're not willingly to wait. Unless it's emergency reason which I'm more than happy to discuss refund with.
Q: Can I post/repost my WIP or art that I commissioned you?
A: Certainly! You already paid for it so feel free to show/post your WIP and finished piece!
Q: I saw your profile with "Don't repost to your page and e621" that mean I can't post art that I commissioned you there?
A: If you paid for it/commission it feel free to post it anywhere you'd like to as long as you give me credit for the work. I just don't want to see my personal art/character being post there unless the artist I commissioned is the one who post it.
Q: Can I pay extra to get work done early?
A: No. I don't offer rush commission. However if you'd like quick commission then I recommended sketch commission.

[ Will draw / Won't draw ]

Please note that I might modify this list sometimes so please review it every time you wish to commission me. [ Last Will draw/Won't draw. edited 5/01/2023 ]

Will Draw

(As long as the characters or content does not fit in the ‘Won’t draw’)

– Any Gender, Body type and Species
– Your own fan character in the franchise.
– Humanoid, Quadruped, Taur and Muti-limb character
– Fantasy,Cyberpunk and Post Apocalypse theme
– Robot, Armor and Mask
– Lesbian,Gay and Hetero couple
– Character design, Ref sheet
– General NSFW art. All gender and all sexuality.
– Corruption/Hypnosis/Droneification/ Fusion/Merge
– Goo/Latex /Feminization/MtF TF (Always accept)
– Rubber/Latex/Drone
– Non-con/Dub-con

Won't Draw

(If unsure feel free to ask)

– Underage characters and character with 'underage body'
– Realistic or Semi-Realistic style
– Copyrighted franchise character and Fanart
– Gore/Snuff/Death (Blood and wound is ok)
– Vehicle,Gun and complicated background
– Mecha character like Gundam and Transformers
– CTF, Masculinization, Object TF
– NSFW Real-life and Non-sentient feral characters
(mystical species like dragon,griffon and the like are ok)
– Harem (Polyamorous is ok)
– Any Vore, Hyper, inflation and Toilet related fetish
– Any fetish related to age play (diaper,age regression etc)

Theme with discount

Any commission contain the following theme or content listed below will get 10% discount off from total price!

– WLW/Lesbian or Fem herm x Fem stuff!
– Effeminate/feminine men (As in manner and personality, They can be buff or slim and any species!)
– Feminization, Cross dressing and MtF transformation
– Lactation and Oviposition (Any gender/sex)
– Teratophilia/Robophilia , Quadruped character included (Human x Monster/Robot etc) can be any orientation
- Wholesome couple art (SFW/NSFW and any orientation!)

[ Commission form ]

For making thing easier for both of us! Feel free to use this form. If not is ok too just make sure you have all info that I need.

Commission Form (Non-YCH)> Commission scale : (Headshot , Half-body, Full-body)
> Commission type : (Sequences, Non-Sequences. If Sequences how many?)
> Commission coloring type : (Flat color, Cel-shade, Latex. Please inform me if one of your character need to be color like latex or have latex skin. Otherwise I will color them as non-latex character.)
> Character references + Info : ( If you're not giving post and prefer me to wing it please give me their personality so I can draw them. Thanks!)
> Commission brief : (What do you want me to draw, General idea of your commission)
> Background : (Yes or No. If yes what I need to draw and how detail is it?)
> Other stuff that I should know :
This is extra info for TF/Goo TF commission- If I have to design like new form/fusion form that is 100% design by me (and it's not in your reference sheet) then it will cost extra. And yes all fusion commission cost extra because I have to design something unless you already have reference for fusion form! But it's pretty much case by case. Adding a simple horn/spike/tentacle or your character color on another color won't cost extra.
They usually cost +$10 to your total commission but then it's based on how much and how difficult the design is.

Commission Form (Character design)Commission type : (Brand new character starter or full ref/Alt form of your oc)
Keyword/Theme : (Example Fire, Fantasy, Cyberpunk or Void, Space , Blackhole. I don't have limit on keyword)
Species : (Well yeah human/demi human, Anthro/furry, Alien/Monster etc)
Body type : (Example: Busty/Fit/Fembody/Muscular etc also with picture will be nice too!)
Sex/Gender : ( Male/Female/NB/Androgynous/Herm/C-boy and so on)
Hair style : (if you have any in mind. If not I usually go with long hair for all type of character. Do tell me to if you prefer your character to not have hair or so.)
Color palette : (If you have one that you prefer other wise just tell me the color you want to see in the design)
Personality : (Detailed or not if you have a personality description for me then It make a picture/design in my head more clear)
Other : (Other stuff I need to know. Or additional headshot/outfit design that included in your design package)
Extra : (Any additional outfit or headshot that is not included in the commission type)
Please check my commission design info so you will know what you will get in each type!

[ Sketch commission ]

Sketch commission will be budget based. There's no price listed here, When sending me inquiry please included your budget.
You give me your budget and what you want. I will see what I can do and come to middle agreed price if needed!
Sketch commission can be one color or color with simple shading. They won't be as detailed as standard lined commission

[ Standard lined commission ]

Standard lined commission is regular commission with more polished in lineart and shading.
See Sketch commission if you're looking for something more budget friend or generally just like sketch work!

Headshot/Icon Flat colorHeadshot/Icon Cel shade
Flat color start at $15Cel shade start at $25
Flat color additional headshot +$8Cel shade additional headshot + $11
BG +$2-$10 depending on complexityBG +$2-$10 depending on complexity

Half-body/Thigh up Flat colorHalf-body/Thigh up Cel shade
Flat color start at $25Cel shade start at $35
Flat color additional half body +$12Cel shade additional half body + $17
BG +$3-$20 depending on complexityBG +$3-$20 depending on complexity

Full body Flat colorFull body Cel shade
Flat color start at $45Cel shade start at $55
Flat color additional full body +$25Cel shade additional full body + $30
BG +$3-$20 depending on complexityBG +$3-$20 depending on complexity

[ Sequences commission ]

Price is very varies from project to project. Below listed are most popular option when it comes to sequences commission.
If you have something else in mind please feel free to contract me and ask for price quotes. You can get these cheaper by YCH or sketch commission!

TypeDescriptionFlat colorCel shade
Solo TransformationBy default come with 3 full bodies$95$115
Duo TransformationBy default come with 6 full bodies$170$205
Add-on FullbodyMore full body in sequence. Price Per character+ $25+ $30
Add-on Close upMore headshot or close up shot. Price Per character+ $10+ $10
Add-on Alt verMore version (such as sfw/nsfw variants) Price Per character+ $15+ $15

[ Character design commission ]

Good at (Recommended) : Non human such as Anthro, Android and Monster. Fantasy, Cyberpunk and Post apocalypse theme, Alt or AU version of existing characters.Not so good at (But can try): ‘Manly men’ and masculine design, Realistic or Semi-Realistic style, Streampunk, Dieselpunk, Retro 70s 80s 90s and Real life feral character (Especially feline)Please note that design commission only come in Flat color! There won't be any kind of shading unless outfit is latex or contain gold stuff which is needed for other artist to know. Which in that case minial shading will be provide.

[ Starter : $80 ]You get a brand new character!
1 Front full body nude SFW+NSFW
Add back view +$30
Add close up/Headshot +$10
Add Full body outfit design +$20
Add Chibi/Chibi outfit +$10

[ Full Ref : $150 ]You get a brand new character!
Full body front + back (SFW+NSFW)
1 Outfit and 3 expression headshot
Add close up/Headshot +$10
Add Full body outfit design +$20
Add Chibi/Chibi outfit +$10

[ Your OC Alt design : $65 ]Choose between 1 Front full body nude SFW+NSFW or 1 Fullbody with outfit design.
Add back view +$30
Add close up/Headshot +$10
Add Full body outfit design +$20
Add Chibi/Chibi outfit +$10